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We are keeping our server Up-to-date, so the following things are new:


  • We have added some new ranks called: Lord And Soldier
  • Gain a free NEW rank at our webshop! 100% FREE
  • We have updated the site! check it out now!
  • SkyPvp Night Edition (Updated the map)
  • Map graphics has been added.
  • Server is running on premium now!
  • Added a new minigame called (Battle-Arena)


We will keep adding games etc


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Site Updated

Site Updated

6 aug 2015 22:39

We have Updated and Upgraded our website, we have fixed and added alot of things.

We have updated and upgraded our website, its more organized. 

NEW: We created a Forum for this so new things will pop up here!

Hey guys we have updated our website the following things that we have improved:

  • - More Organized
  • - Bether Site Graphics
  • - New design
  • - More page's
  • - Live Support (Incase a staff member is online on the site)
  • - And many more! So check it out!

We will keep improving our system if you have any idea's please post them!


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